Kenya Williams – Artist

Kenya Williams is a formally trained Portland, OR, artist who has worked with various media over the past 30 years, including sound, wood, film, and photography.

Through his inquiry of life, he explores social, environmental, interpersonal, and intercultural interests. Sonic phenomena and the audible environment are his primary sources of inspiration. They inspire him to seek and capture sound for sound’s sake or visually communicate using other mediums. He ascribes the title Ambient Narrative(s) to his sound and visual works.

He currently resides in the Pacific Northwest where he has access to an abundance of beautiful wood species. In addition to working with domestic woods, he handcrafts functional wood-turned art pieces such as bowls, platters, vases, and writing instruments out of exotic hardwoods imported from around the globe.

Kenya has studied the art of woodturning from some of the best woodturners in the world and studied painting under the mentorship of the late Tarrence Corbin.